Hi folks! Due to the holiday I wanted to share with all of you my view on thanksgiving. Being a chef, I LOVE thanksgiving, turkey, pie, mashed potatoes. With so much happiness around it is easy to forget what the reason for the season really is, giving. Community service has always been so important to me and my family. I have dedicated many hours to bettering my local and global community, it is something I do not take lightly. Ever since I was little I have donated a good deal of time to my hometown, local food pantry. This year I challenge everyone to give back to someplace that has given to you. Whether it be a local church, food bank, soup kitchen, etc. please consider donating time or money to places who are many people’s safe haven. Any amount or time is greatly appreciated. Stay tuned for some great holiday recipes!

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Expert Tips: Cinnamon Rolls

For all of you who have read my recipe for cinnamon rolls and want to know what I do that makes them OUTSTANDING:

1.) Dough Raising

2.) Appearance

3.) Frosting

Yeast breads. The center of all evil. You try and try and try again to get the perfect rolls that you get at restaurants, never being able to quite put your finger on what makes them so delicious. I know your frustrations, TRUST ME, before I learned about yeast breads I was lost, always ending up with flat, unsightly rolls that only my mom would eat (simply because she is my mom.) Yeast is very tricky, and it takes a while to get comfortable with it, after all, ITS ALIVE! For yeast to flourish there are a few things you MUST get right:

  • Time
  • Temperature
  • Humidity

Time: Yeast takes time to set up, not TONS of time, but time enough to work with the other ingredients.

Temperature: Temperature starts by the water you put your yeast in to. If the water is too hot, it will kill the yeast. If the water is too cold, the yeast will not grow. Yeast will react best if the water is about 105 degrees. A small kitchen thermometer is your best tool for this job.

Humidity: Yeast (like hair) grows best in humidity! Restaurants and bakeries have machines that trap humidity specifically for yeast breads, these are called “Proofers”. Proofers ensure that there is a warm, wet, condition for the yeast to grow. For those of us who don’t have a thousand dollar machine, our oven can work just as well. By taking a small pan of water and turning it on low heat, this will produce a proofing environment for your bread. Make sure to always turn the heat off before putting your dough in the oven!


“People eat with their eyes” says every chef, EVER! Its true, people love eating beautiful things. A way to make your cinnamon rolls plump, tall and beautiful you can take a few other steps to make the best product. One way to make your rolls picture perfect is taking a few extra minutes an individually rolling them. By rolling them individually you can make the layers more protonate. After they puff up and bake it will leave perfect ledges for your frosting to flow down.


Everyone’s favorite part! Cream cheese frosting is normally paired with cinnamon rolls but vanilla works just fine too. When frosting your rolls make sure they are warm. Start at the top and let the frosting flow down the rolls.

Follow these few extra steps and your baking could be the center of conversation!

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